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St Augustine's Norwich | St Augustine's Church 1927


St Augustine's C

hurch, Norwich, 1927
Picture postcard of St Augustine's church sold to commemorate the installation of a new electric clock in 1927. There seems to have been a clock in St Augustine's red-brick tower ever since it was completed in 1688. A clock face with this date appears in Kirkpatrick's sketch of the church dated 1713. The old clockwork mechanism was declared derelict in 1877. An electric clock mechanism was installed in the tower arch above the ringing floor in 1926. This drove a pulsynetic waiting train electric slave movement made by Gents of Norwich in the belfry two storeys above. The electric clock workings were removed for safe keeping and restoration by the Churches Conservation Trust in 2002. It is hoped that one day the clock will run again.
Much else in this photo has gone. The houses glimpsed in the background on the right were in Cross Lane (now The Lathes). The street gas lamp, which does not appear to be the same one in a photo taken here in the 1870s, is also gone, although an ornate Victorian foul pipe is still standing in the church alley on the left. 
The railings would be taken away during the Second World War.

Photo courtesy P. Scruton

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