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St Augustine's Norwich | Leonard Street & Rose Yard



These small public spaces off Leonard Street are not well known, even to people who live or work in the St Augustine's area. They are owned by Norwich City Council and prior to 2012 they had been uncared for for decades.

In 2008 plans were submitted to build a number of houses on these areas. This would have permamenly deprived local residents of some of the last remaining public open spaces in the area. This at time when plans were going forward to create the St Augustine's Gyratory road scheme, which would place residents living on the east side of St Augustine's Street and in Stonemasons Court, Leonards Street, Rose Yard, Esdelle Street and parts of Magpie Road inside in effect a large traffic island. The objections of local residents and ACT to the plans may have persuaded the Planning Committee to refuse prevent consent and later on the three public open spaces were included in the Northern City Centre Area Action Plan as amentities to be preserved for the community.

Calendar of events: 

September 2012
Work on refurbishing the small green open space is also completed.

August 2012 The new children's play area is opened by the leader of Norwich City Council, Cllr Brenda Arthur. See report: http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/new_north_norwich_play_area_

May 2012 This letter from Norwich City Council was received by ACT:

I'm writing to update you on the progress on Leonards St. We were able to resurface the car park which has lifted the area and we've replaced the tree in the central bed, the contractors have now moved into the play area ahead of starting work on the green space.

Within the play area we have installed the main structure and we're hoping for a break in the weather so that the ground dries out enough to install the play equipment. The area promises to become a really lovely 'pocket' park and I'm sure will be enjoyed by the children in the area. We have just taken delivery of some threshold markers indicating the entrance and rear of the old buildings in Rose yard which hopefully brings a sense of history to the scheme.

Whilst on site I was looking at the high wall which will remain between the play area and the development site behind until the proposed houses are built. The wall is unattractive in terms of construction and has some areas of graffiti which detract from the overall improvement to the space. I have been in contact with the Director of Sticky Fingerz, who are a group responsible for a lot of the better quality street art in the area. We have discussed the possibility of him creating a mural on the wall featuring both graphics and organic images reflecting the planting and greening of the space. I think if we commission some good quality street art on the wall, which will be maintained by Sticky Fingerz we will discourage casual graffiti and hopefully create a colourful and lively backdrop to the new play area. This is an idea that has developed along with the play area however I hope you agree it should create a unique and attractive backdrop. Sticky fingers have experience in working in schools and with community groups and they have offered their services free of charge as they wish to make a positive contribution to the area.

The contractor estimates that it will take them approximately three weeks to finish the play area and green space assuming that we get some good weather. I think when complete the play area, car park and play area will make a very positive contribution to the area.

24 October 2011 Report on the consultation in the Evening News: http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/

18 October 2011 Norwich City Council publish their proposed plan for the play area and green space.

19 July 2011 There will be a public consultation on these areas in St Augustine's Hall, Norwich, from 2 to 7 p.m. with an exhibition of Norwich City Council's optional designs and a chance to talk to council officers about your views on what should and should not happen to these area.

Historic photographs
of Rose Yard's
children's carnivals
taken in the 1920s

For a larger image and more information click on the picture


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