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St Augustine's Norwich | St Augustine's Yesterday
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Edward III jousting in the Gildencroft, Norwich
Gildencroft Jousting Acre

St Augustine's parish, 1558

Ultra Aquam,

St.Augustine's Gate, outer

St.Augustine's Gate, inner


Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, Gildencroft, Norwich
Gildencroft Meeting House

Tudor cottages

Geary's St Augustine's District School, Norwich, 1840s
 St Augustine's School, 1838

St Augustine's School, 1900s

St Augustine's School, Norwich, late 19th century
St Augustine's School, 1930s 


 De Carle's chemists, c.1912



Thompson's store, c.1912


Wood's stone masons, 1920s


Wood's stone masons, 1960s


St Augustine's Street, Norwich, c.1912

 St Augustine's Street, c.1912


 Historic Concrete Public Urinal, Norwich, c.1919
Public urinal,
built 1919


Parish markers,
Pitt Street,


De Carles' Works,
Rose Yard, 1945


 90 Sussex Street,


 Sussex Street,


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